8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips
8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips, Before we start remember – Do not automatically renew your policy with the same company. It is pretty much guaranteed that you can get a similar coverage cheaper with another insurance company if you shop around and compare coverage and prices from different providers.

  1. Search the Internet – Visit different vendors

If you were paid at least £ 150 or $ 200 for two hours of work, you should be happy. This is the minimum you should look for to save on your annual premiums by spending a few hours shopping around for deals on the internet. 8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips.

Visit a comparison site for car insurance supermarkets. If the premiums are too expensive but you like the coverage offered by a particular insurance company, visit the provider directly and cut out the middleman’s expenses.

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips, The major comparison sites for motor insurance, which you constantly see advertised on television, send yourself to the supplier’s website to complete the ‘deal’, so it’s best to close the application, clear cookies from your browser’s memory to ensure you do not become charged their commission including rates, and visit the insurance company directly.

Additionally, you should visit a specialist car insurance scheme provider. These were once only available on the High Street, but are now popping up everywhere online. No matter what your particular individual needs are, whether it’s women’s driver coverage or perhaps classic car coverage, specialist car insurance providers naturally offer cheaper deals as they take advantage of the economies of scale allowed for group purchase of coverage.

2. Do your research

Who is currently offering TV deals? Anyone applying for motor insurance is someone with a different car and individual coverage needs depending on their circumstances. Write down what you think your exact coverage needs are, and think about where you can find providers for your individual needs. For example, if you are older, you should search the internet for specialized car insurance schemes for those over the fifties.

3. Go for a no-frills policy

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips, If you are not worried about the quality of coverage and only require basic traffic risks, then go for one of the many insurances now offered by insurance supermarkets as “car insurance”. These insurances usually only offer the very basic coverages required by the Traffic Act but can be very suitable for low mileage, cheap cars, and younger drivers.

4. Get coverage only for what you need

Why pay for car damage insurance or other sometimes hidden extras, such as the cost of including a replacement vehicle, in case you should have an accident when you already have AA crash cover and another car sitting on the driveway at home that you could use. Carefully check your existing insurance coverage details and omit any unnecessary or duplicate coverage. 8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips.

5. Take the risk yourself

With car insurance, you have two basic options for taking more of the risk on yourself. These are, one by choosing how much coverage you need in the first place, i.e. either comprehensive or third party, perhaps with the fire and theft options included. Second, on most systems, you get to choose how much of the cost of damage in an accident you yourself are prepared to take on board before asking the insurance company to raise a claim.

How to Cut the Cost of Car Insurance

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips, This is known as the voluntary deductible and is the amount that will always be deducted first from any amount you claim. If the cost of repairing an accident is not much more than the voluntary deductible amount you have chosen, it would be wise to pay the repair costs yourself, instead of losing your bonus without damage.

6. Reduce car risk with improved car and location safety

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips, If you park your car off-road or garage it at night, you will receive additional discounts. If you own a classic car that does not have them fitted as standard, fitting safety devices, such as car alarms, immobilizers, and GPS trackers on your car, will significantly reduce your premium.

7. Improve your driving or change your lifestyle

8 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips, If you need to file a claim due to the way you drive, or if you have more than one SP30 for speeding, your premiums will be heavily charged upon renewal. You can therefore reduce your insurance costs by improving the way you use your car or changing your lifestyle.


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