Media Liability Insurance

Media Liability Insurance
Media Liability Insurance

Media Liability Insurance

Media Liability Insurance, As an insurance broker, I often receive phone calls from individuals and organizations seeking general liability coverage. The range of these organizations runs the spectrum, from your basic contractor to the adult model daycare.

But it is not this color scheme that I am concerned about, at least not for this article, it is the individual and/or the organizations that call for general liability insurance for a media-related business and are unaware that they need a very specific and obscure coverage called media liability insurance or communications liability insurance. Media Liability Insurance.

Some of these individuals and organizations include bloggers, web developers, radio show personalities, writers, production companies, publishers and broadcasters, television and radio stations, film companies, cable and satellite broadcasters, and also the electronic publishing services of the advertising industry as all other devices that are engaged in preparing materials for publishing, re-publishing and electronic publishing services to name just a few. Media Liability Insurance.

Many of these individuals and/or organizations are not aware that they need media liability coverage, and to the detriment of many insurance professionals, not even that media liability coverage exists, or that coverage is most likely specifically excluded from their general liability. This coverage is typically part of the general liability found in Coverage B, Personal Injury and Advertising Liability, in a standard CGL (Commercial General Liability) policy. Media Liability Insurance.

Personal injury and advertising damage relate to liability, defamation, defamation, and infringement of copyright, patents, and trademarks. Most often, it is only when there is a requirement and too late that the individual/organizations experience that the most important coverage for their operations is excluded from their policy, Media Responsibility. In most cases, their search begins after being instructed by a salesperson or contractor to get a liability insurance policy.

Nevertheless, there are some industry professionals who know they need the coverage but who have difficulty encountering a professional who knows anything about the coverage or where to secure it. Media Liability Insurance.

In either case, most of these individuals or organizations are about to be at their end when they find us. Most of them have been told that the insurance they are looking for either does not exist or is not available from the last dozen brokers or agents they have spoken to. There are clear reasons for this frustration and even clearer reasons why their search for media liability insurance leads them to so many dead ends.

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For most of us, the insurance company’s knowledge stems from advertisements, including by and large those for Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual, none of which currently offer any form of genuine media liability insurance. As a result, most people become frustrated and discouraged. Media Liability Insurance.

Media Liability Insurance, While media liability insurance coverage is a very easy-to-understand form of insurance, most captive agents nonetheless offer it. For agents and brokers who primarily deal with home and car insurance as a fixed component of their business model, it is not relevant to explore and become proficient in such a specific type of product that is not relevant to their own operations.

Media Liability Insurance, Now you are most likely and definitely asking yourself, okay already, what is the media coverage? Media Liability Insurance protects you from claims arising out of the display, communication, transmission, or disclosure of information in ways that may violate the rights of others.

Media liability insurance provides very valuable third-party coverage against liability, defamation, defamation, copyright, trademark and patent infringement, liability for personal injury, invasion of privacy, or claims of unfair competition that RESULT in financial consequence or personal injury. Media Liability Insurance.

Examples of these circumstances would include printing a malicious statement about someone, making slanderous remarks about a person or company product, using a person’s logo or even unlicensed use of a cartoon character in an advertisement or publication, distributing illegally obtained images of Someone or market your product by making harmful false claims about your competitors’ products.

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